We would like to invite you on a ones in a life time wild psychedelic
trip.on 22 July 2009 the largest solar total eclipse of the century will
take place off the coast of the Tokara islands.
To bring the eclipes and the Boredoms together has been a dream come true
for the Sunmoonfest. crew. After a long long dream were finally awoken on
the Lucy...From July 20th - 23rd for four days and 3 nights.
The Lusy will set sail with 400 people 50 staffs members and 333 guests
which of course includes you ! but before we go any further We'd like to
share with you about how this dream become a reading...

On December 31,1999,The SunMoonfest. crew threw there very first party.
The name of the party was Sun Shine Shrine in Okinawa. The party took place
in northern Okinawa at a place called cope Hedo. It took 3 months to prepare
and even though the locals there said they haven't seen the sunrise in 10
years due to bad weather in that area . The Sun blessed us with it's
presence. And the party went off without a hitch . After the success of the
Millennium party We started planning for the eclipse party. We started by
scouting out the island of Amami. After finding a nice spot We thought we
had everything worked out. When suddenly the owner of the spot gave it to
another company. This result was quite disappointing and we even thought
about bring up. But considering it would be the longest solar eclipse of the
century we decided to give another try.
During this time the couple put up a H.P. to show people on the main land of
Japan what life on the islands of Tokara was like.
A short time later we were able to be a part of food festival.
Working together with a NPO group called Tokara interface. In this festival
We were able to show people from the mainland the different types of
original food and show them the Tokara wild life as well . Also during this
time we were able to give the people that were there a presentation on what
we were planning for the solar eclipes event . Also during this time we
invented a new sauce called Tokarase. Tokarase is a sauce consisting of all
the different herbs on the Island .thru the making of this sauce we were
able to supply more jobs for the local people. TheTokara islands like all
the islands around Japan are suffering from depopulation due to the lack of
jobs. It is are hope and wish that thru Tokarase we will be able to supply
more jobs to the area.
Returning to our story. After the event we thought everything was moving
along as planned . But we were in for a surprise when the town hall
expressed that although they supported our overall vision they were a bit
confused and hesitant about are plan for the solar eclipse party . once
again we were turned down a place to do the event .
Once again we were left wondering could we really pull this event off the
way we planned it  How could We fit throwing a really good party and
helping the Island.
As June came along. Many people from the mainland started heading down to
the islands to reserve a place to stay.
We of course at this time still did not have a place to do an event. And we
were wondering if we ever will.
We were getting kind of desperate and even asked a couple of ships. And were
surprised when 1 ship said it was possible to go down to the center point
and throw a party on board.
Enter Lusy !!

About Lusy
Lusy is a Russian cruiser ship that goes back and forth from Uladivostok to
Toyama once a week . Carrying Passenger, Supplies etc .usually a foreign
ship would not be allowed to go around the islands. How ever due to a
special treaty. The ship will be allowed access to the area.

On board Lusy
Lusy has a very large deck, a music saloon, Night club, Green bar, and of course a swimming pool, and a very large hangar area Which will be the nonstop DJ area. We will also have a kids corner where the kids can enjoy many fan projects and activities, There will also be a Tokara Island Information area
for those interested, and we will have a section for people that want to sell clothing、Items, etc

Lusy will deport from Fukuoka<Port Hakata> to the Akuseki Island area and
continue to follow the eclipse wherever it goes.

In closing
In order for everybody to have an awesome time, We would like you to come
on board with the Attitude of <NO SPECTATOR> meaning your not here just to
watch but to be a part of the show.